Fibo Quantum

Art by Matt Gondek “Growing Pains”

Art by Blake Kathryn “Caretaker”

Art by Micah Johnson

LGND.art has curated one of the year’s most exciting and notable NFT art shows, to be presented exclusively at ComplexCon 2021 

Austin, Texas (October 29, 2021)LGND Inc. announces its foremost curatorial effort to date, a major NFT art show in the form of a gallery to appear exclusively at ComplexCon 2021. Sponsored by Coinbase, the exhibition will include global artists in a unique group that includes Mad Dog Jones, James Jean, Joshua Davis, Matt Gondek, Fvckrender, Michael Kozlowski, Victor Mosquera, Blake Kathryn, D*Face, Pussy Riot and Micah Johnson. LGND.art will host the auctions and edition offerings from Nov. 6-11. 

Aiming to harness the overlapping communities of art, fashion and music, LGND will provide a free NFT by Michael Kozlowski to all attendees of ComplexCon. This introduction to NFTs to a wider audience will facilitate an expansion to an eager crowd of culture enthusiasts.

Created by artists for artists, LGND empowers their collective of world-renowned artists to integrate their works into the crypto ecosystem on their own terms, reach a larger audience, and secure their digital legacy through blockchain technology. 

“LGND believes in empowering artists and the future of art,” says Ty Carter, Head of Creative at LGND. “Art is the great communicator that connects us all. The NFT medium continues to evolve into new forms pushing new technology, transforming the way we interact between the analog and virtual. LGND is proud to curate this immersive gallery and work with this historic group of artists.” 

“I believe we have arrived at a revolutionary moment in the evolution of art in our culture. Working to curate a show with extremely vital artists in this show for ComplexCon is a brilliant opportunity to further kindle a dynamic community at the crossroads of art and technology,” said Ronnie K. Pirovino, Chief Curator at LGND. 


LGND is a highly curated NFT digital arts platform built by artists, for artists. LGND enables artists to integrate their work into the NFT market on their own terms, reach a global audience, and secure their digital legacy through blockchain technologies. LGND fosters dynamic interaction and exchange between high-end collectors and world-class artists. 

Media Inquiries: Hijinx PR | Heidi Johnson | heidi@hijinxarts.com | 323.204.7246

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