Kahuna’s New Blockchain-Based Social Media Ecosystem Set to

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NEW YORK, Aug. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kahuna, a new blockchain-based, decentralized social media ecosystem for celebrities and content creators to engage with fans around the world, announces its impending launch coming October 2021.

Kahuna is the first-of-its-kind platform that combines functionalities from traditional social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Clubhouse, with an added dimension of a cryptocurrency economy. The decentralized platform allows celebrities, athletes, musicians, artists, influencers and other creators to fully control and monetize their content.

With Kahuna, all content shared belongs to the user, not the platform, giving celebrities and creators a new avenue to monetize their namesake, content, experiences and even physical goods. Celebrities and creators are all vetted by the Kahuna team and once approved, they each have the ability to create their own Kahuna “Celebrity Coin” to turn a profit on things like:

  • NFTs of proprietary content like ‘selfies’ and videos
  • Memorabilia, tickets and other merchandise
  • Unique experiences like virtual events and private “meet and greets”

“Unlike centralized mainstream social media platforms, the Kahuna ecosystem is built to protect the intellectual property of creators and solves the present-day issues surrounding user privacy, content censorship and the exploitation of intellectual property on social media,” said Olli Mäenpää, Managing Director of Kahuna. “With Kahuna, our users govern the rules and manage the content, which puts the power, and profit, back in the hands of those who create it.”

A sports and entertainment maven, Mäenpää will serve as Kahuna’s managing director and brings more than two decades of experience in celebrity engagement, financial consulting, and stakeholder relations.

Kahuna is evaluating potential strategic partnerships and celebrity early adopters to join the project. For more information on how to get involved, interested users and investors can contact info@kahuna.network.

The Kahuna social media ecosystem is built on the RubiX blockchain, a next-generation blockchain that is highly scalable, secure and carbon neutral through its Blockchain Green Initiative.

Media/PR Contact:
Uproar PR for Kahuna
Brittany Johnson
312-878-4575 x246


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