Jelurida and Aumenta Solutions Develop Blockchain-based Maintenance System for Ports

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Jelurida, a company that specializes in the provision of blockchain solutions, has formed a partnership with the augmented reality (AR) company Aumenta Solutions in order to create a whole new maintenance system for port facilities. Increasing the real-time traceability of maintenance activities is the goal of this technology, which blends blockchain certification with augmented reality (AR).

The team at Aumenta Solutions has experience working on projects similar to this one in the past. In the year 2020, the company worked on a system quite similar to this one in conjunction with the University of Girona. On the other hand, the purpose of this most recent initiative is to use the blockchain-based maintenance technology to compete in the worldwide port infrastructure market.

The managing partner of Aumenta Solutions, Pere Roset, has said that the certification program is an essential component of the overall project. This program guarantees that maintenance chores are carried out in the appropriate manner at the appropriate time and in the appropriate area.

Francisco Sarrias, who refers to augmented reality as a “game-changer,” brings to light the significance of using it for the purpose of maintenance. Workers are able to access digital information in real time thanks to augmented reality technology, which contributes to an improvement in productivity and a decrease in the chance of mistakes.

Together with Aumenta Solutions, Jelurida is thrilled to bring this innovative new technology to the market, where it will hopefully contribute to the acceleration of innovation in maintenance procedures. This most recent experiment demonstrates that augmented reality (AR) and blockchain technology are increasingly being utilized in combination with one another, as can be observed inside the Web3 sector.

AR technology was recently used during the Metaverse Fashion Week event, which took place at the Piazza of Duomo di Milano in Milan, Italy. This event was related to the Web3 area. At one of Milan’s most recognizable landmarks, an augmented reality hybrid fashion show was staged.

In the meanwhile, the liquor company Jack Daniels has initiated a Web3 campaign that makes use of augmented reality (AR) and digital collectibles based on polygons. Participants have the opportunity to earn digital crates, which may include a variety of incentives such as gift cards and tours to the Jack Daniel’s distillery.

In summing up, the introduction of Jelurida and Aumenta Solutions’ brand new blockchain-based maintenance system for ports is an intriguing step forward for the sector. This demonstrates the emerging trend of combining augmented reality (AR) with blockchain technology, which has the potential to transform current maintenance procedures in the future. In addition, the application of augmented reality (AR) technology is growing inside the Web3 domain, which demonstrates the potential for this technology to alter a variety of different businesses.

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