Injective (INJ) 2024 price prediction after 3000% rise in 2023 as Pullix’s presale hits $1.2M

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  • Injective (INJ) hits ATH at $43 after a 3000% in 2023.
  • Pullix disrupts DeFi with $1.2M raised, $0.044 per PLX, and a unique hybrid approach.
  • INJ’s AI integration and Pullix’s innovative DeFi platform signal a transformative 2024.

The recent Injective (INJ) price surge to $43 has captivated the crypto community. With a 3000% increase in 2023, this AI finance blockchain token is demonstrating robust momentum. While Bitcoin traded sideways, INJ defied market trends, securing a weekly gain of nearly 64%.

While all eyes are on the future trajectory of INJ and the factors fueling its impressive rally, another crypto project Pullix, which is currently in the presale stage, is making waves for its revolutionary online trading model.

Injective’s phenomenal price surge

Injective (INJ) has been a standout performer in the cryptocurrency market, and its recent surge to $43 marks a significant milestone. With a staggering 3000% rise over the last 12 months, the AI finance blockchain has not only caught the attention of seasoned investors but also dominated social media discussions.

Injective price chart


The weekly gains of nearly 64% showcase the resilience of INJ, especially when compared to Bitcoin’s sideways movement.

Injective price prediction

The surge in INJ prices is not merely a short-term phenomenon. Market analysts are optimistic about its future trajectory, with the unique AI integration and a robust blockchain foundation contributing to sustained growth.

Considering the negative correlation with Bitcoin and the ongoing buzz around AI technologies, Injective’s potential to maintain its upward trajectory remains strong. Rekt Capital has forecast that a new macro uptrend could begin once the 500-day macro downtrend, which INJ entered after hitting its new ATH, ends.

Pullix: bridging the gap with a unique DeFi approach

As Injective captures the limelight, another player is making waves in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. Pullix, the new hybrid trading and investment exchange, is on the brink of disrupting traditional norms.

With its ongoing presale, Pullix has already raised a substantial $1,201,770. The presale price of $0.044 per PLX token has attracted significant attention, and with 14.2% already sold, the countdown to the next price increase adds an element of urgency.

What sets Pullix apart is its unique approach to bridging the gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges. Users are offered the best of both worlds, addressing the liquidity problem in DeFi that has long hindered decentralized exchanges. Pullix’s commitment to user security, a non-custodial approach, and a focus on liquidity provision distinguish it in a crowded market.

Pullix’s ecosystem is designed with the user in mind. From institutional trading tools powered by OpenAI to perpetual futures, CFDs, and a secure vault for cryptocurrency storage, Pullix offers a comprehensive suite of features. The platform’s decentralized, off-chain order book ensures speed advantages comparable to conventional centralized exchanges. Moreover, the innovative PLX token, offering “Trade-to-Earn” benefits, has garnered attention for its revenue-sharing mechanism.

The PLX token serves as the currency for traders on the platform, providing exclusive access, staking opportunities, and serving as a vehicle for rewards and exchangeability. The tokenomics are meticulously crafted to promote utility, sustainability, and mutual benefits for all stakeholders. The transparent allocation of tokens, including presale distribution and incentives for staking, adds to the appeal.


Injective’s remarkable surge and Pullix’s innovative approach position both projects for a promising future in 2024. As INJ continues to capture market attention with its unique AI integration, Pullix’s ongoing presale and feature-rich platform make it a contender for reshaping the landscape of decentralized finance.

The crypto space is witnessing dynamic shifts, and the synergy between cutting-edge technologies and user-friendly platforms is propelling the industry toward a more democratized and efficient financial future.

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