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Altcoins are confidently entering the cryptocurrency market. They compete with other popular digital currencies, such as bitcoin. Let’s open a well-known secret (it turns out, not a mystery, but a fact) – everyone can earn on this crypt. Altcoin signals come in handy, and the rating is the best to create in

The concept of “altcoin”

The term comes from the abbreviation of two words – “bitcoin” and “alternative”. Each issued modification of the cryptocurrency tries, if not to replace the forward. Then at least to provide users with a more convenient digital currency, but with a lower coin value. According to some online resources, the total number of altcoins reaches 500 species. Projects trying to catch up with BTC are usually characterized by the following:

  • Specialists made algorithm changes to speed up the mining procedure.
  • A technical base is being developed that allows it to be independent of the state or its separate structures.

It preserves the usual anonymity of users, confidentiality of transfers and wallets. All altcoins continue the process of their development. Thanks to the efforts of programmers, a practical basis for the transfer of methods to the field of data storage is being developed.

Altcoin, which became the first

A lot of specialists consider Namecoin (NMC) to be the first altcoin. They introduced it to the market in 2011 as a digital currency. The developer’s original idea was to create decentralized domain names. Investors use that structure not only in the field of cryptocurrency mining. Also, to develop various online resources that are entirely independent of the policies of any country, individual region. Namecoin is the first alternative to bitcoin. The “firstborn” continues to exist, although it is not included in the TOP-10 cryptocurrencies. Unlike bitcoin, from which developers copied Namecoin, there are some very significant differences. The first is to register your domain name in the bit zone. Despite the low price (about 1 US cent), you will have to spend time understanding the system and choose a unique name.

The second point is the small number of DNS servers that support the desired domain zone. There are only 8 of them worldwide. It leads to their constant overload and unavailability for many users that build large farms for bitcoin mining.

Prospects for investment in altcoins

The investor faces the task of conducting a thorough analysis of the situation for all applicants. But it occurs if he decides to include in the portfolio of several types of cryptocurrencies. The first thing to pay attention to is the state’s position on digital money. In the case of negative assessments, there will be no particular prospects for the investor in this area. You can earn on any type of cryptocurrency. But if there is a legal framework that allows on an official basis not only to own altcoins. Also, it’s essential to use them for payment and profit; it remains to choose the most profitable options. Investing in altcoins can look different. The choice consists of options:

  • buy coins and wait for the growth of their quotations against the national currency;
  • invest in a powerful computer / particular farm;
  • exchange cryptocurrencies yourself.

How should I act?

Imagine if people could mine the first coins of bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency only on a home computer. The rest of the users have many options for getting digital currencies and making money on them. All altcoins are suitable for mining on a home computer. There are the following options for purchasing cryptocurrencies:

It requires a computer with several powerful video cards or a specialized farm.

The remote server gets the mining procedure. There you can connect for a small subscription fee.

Several computers (without limitation on their number) have a connection to a single settlement node and in mining.

  • Trading cryptocurrency on the exchange.

Allows you to earn by changing their quotes without directly purchasing bitcoin or altcoins.

It also includes the initial placement of coins (ICO). This technique requires that the miner was at the origins of the new cryptocurrency. Not everyone has such a perspective, so the above methods remain key.


Altcoins are cryptocurrencies launched after the success of Bitcoin, which usually act as its improved alternatives. The more people worldwide use these currencies, the higher their value, which means buying them as early as possible.

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