How Microsoft Will Move To The Web 3.0, Blockchain Division To Expand

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Tech giant Microsoft will expand its blockchain team, according to this department Director of Strategy and Transformation, Blockchain, and Cloud Hardware Supply Chain Yorke Rhodes. Via his Twitter account, Rhodes called on potential candidates and everyone “obsessed with Turing complete, scarce programmable objects”.

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In his post, Microsoft’s blockchain director revealed that he has formed a new team at the software company. Rhodes added that he has spent 6 years down the blockchain hole and “I never been more bullish on this journey”.

Rhodes took part in Bloomberg’s Financial Innovation Summit. During the event, he claimed that the tech giant is keeping a close eye on the blockchain and crypto industry with a special interest in digital assets, decentralized finances, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The latter are two of the hottest trends in the space and have received a massive surge in institutional interest. In particular, NFTs are being boasted by major companies, such as Microsoft, VISA, EA, Ubisoft has potential financial disruptors across many sectors.

Rhodes published current job offers to look for potential candidates that could join its blockchain team. According to a job offer live on Microsoft Careers, the company seeks a Senior Software Development Engineer.

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Candidates need to have supply chain and blockchain experience to join the company’s team working on Consortium. Part of a global initiative to build “the world’s largest supply chain network”, members work with Microsoft’s partners and customers to “enable enterprise-scale blockchain services deployment and system integration”.

Microsoft Aboard The Blockchain Boat And Into The Metaverse

The tech giant has already deployed major projects on top of a blockchain. The Decentralized Identity solution ION was successfully launched on the Bitcoin Network as a second-layer application. Completed in over 4 years of development, its purpose is to give individuals control over their digital exchanges by leveraging decentralized identifiers (DIDs).

In addition, the software company plans to compete with Facebook (recently renamed Meta) and its ambition to create a Metaverse ecosystem. The company’s CEO Satya Nadella presented their plan at the Microsoft Ignite 2021 Conference. Via his Twitter account Nadella said:

The metaverse is here, and it’s not only transforming how we see the world but how we participate in it – from the factory floor to the meeting room. Take a look.

The Metaverse, large-scale AI models, and other innovations were part of Nadella’s presentation. The technology that powers cryptocurrency, blockchain, seems poised to play a big role in the company’s strategy to take over this new digital sector.

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The crypto market has positively responded to this and other announcements about the Metaverse. Related coins, such as MANA and SAND, have propelled into all-time highs with rallies that surpassed 300% in profits.

MANA on a rally in the 30-day chart. Source: MANAUSDT Tradingview

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