How Coca-Cola Boosting Coinbase’s Event Helped Domini ($DOMI) Spark Global Conversation

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The world of cryptocurrency & NFTs is undergoing constant transformations; one noteworthy leader is Domini, an innovative marketplace that uses the power of blockchain technology to increase accessibility to a previously exclusive market – high-end art investments. Coinbase’s ‘’Onchain Summer’’ is another interesting development, focusing on spotlighting new NFT’s technological potential. Let’s take a look at these inspiring new launches in the cryptosphere.

Domini: Transforming Art Investment Through Blockchain

Domini, an innovative art marketplace, is making waves in the world of art investment by merging traditional art with blockchain technology. The project’s mission is to reshape the art investment landscape, democratizing ownership of prestigious artworks and making them accessible to a broader audience through fractional investments. By tokenizing artworks as unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, Domini ensures transparency, immutability, and liquidity within the art market.

Recognizing the historical average return of 7.6% in art investment, Domini caters to both seasoned and beginner cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The project offers expert guidance to investors interested in both emerging artists and established blue-chip artworks.

Domini stands as the best crypto to invest in as it ensures the safety of artworks through specialized storage facilities, comprehensive insurance, blockchain transparency, rigorous authenticity checks, and proactive risk management, providing investor peace of mind.

The $DOMI token, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000, has a thoughtfully designed allocation for public distribution, liquidity pool enhancement, marketing efforts, reserve capital, team, advisors, and partnerships. The token also incorporates mechanisms for deflationary burn and incentivized trading activities.

At the heart of Domini’s offerings lies the $DOMI token, with a meticulously crafted allocation strategy for best cryptocurrency. This token not only encourages trading activities but also incorporates mechanisms for deflationary burn, incentivizing holders and traders alike. Domini’s tax structure further enhances the token’s value by allocating resources to various aspects of the project.

Interested users can easily register on the Domini website using email or by connecting their DeFi wallet. Purchases can be made using methods like Credit or Debit Cards (via wallet connection) and leading cryptocurrencies such as ETH, USDT, and USDC.

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Coca-Cola and Leading DAOs Rally for Coinbase’s Event

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, Coinbase’s layer 2 network, Base, is celebrating its launch through “Onchain Summer,” a series of multi-week Web3 activations encompassing art, gaming, and music. This event aims to invigorate the trading volume of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by leveraging the power of Coinbase’s new layer 2 network.

Onchain Summer features the participation of notable brands like Coca-Cola and popular DAOs such as Friends With Benefits and Nouns. These entities are engaged in various activations, collaborating to host the top NFTs  to buy via NFT mints on the Base network. The event showcases over 50 brands, emphasizing NFT offerings and the potential of NFTs beyond speculative assets.

To boost community engagement around Base, Coinbase encourages users to bridge their Ether to Base, allowing them to mint a free NFT commemorating the Base mainnet launch. The initiative has already led to the creation of over 30 million free NFTs by more than 125,000 individuals.

Against the backdrop of declining NFT trading volumes, Onchain Summer serves as a showcase for the technological potential of NFTs. It aims to highlight NFTs as a technology for wider adoption, not merely a speculative venture. The event’s focus on interactive activations and collaborations with renowned entities like Coca-Cola underscores the evolving significance of NFTs in the blockchain ecosystem.


Onchain summer helps highlight new and interesting NFTs and broaden the discussion around NFTs as a whole, including what NFTs to buy, helping to fuel the buzz around new NFT projects. If you’re looking for a unique new NFT marketplace, you can’t do much better than Domini. Domini ($DOMI) is in it’s presale stage, presenting an excellent opportunity for savvy investors that want to get in early. $DOMI has excellent long-term prospects as it explores  an untouched niche by bridging the gap between traditional art investments and modern digital currencies.

For Info about $DOMI, visit the Domini presale or Join the Community

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