Helium Mobile unveils $20 unlimited plan in the US, integrating blockchain and 5G

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  • Helium Mobile, introduces unlimited data, text, and calls at just $20 per month.
  • Leveraging the Helium Network on the Solana blockchain and a nationwide 5G network, Helium Mobile empowers users to set up decentralized ‘mini cell towers.’
  • Helium Mobile has a strategic partnership with T-Mobile.

Helium Mobile, the pioneer in crypto carriers, has launched a groundbreaking nationwide plan in the United States.

Offering unlimited data, text, and calls for just $20 a month, this innovative mobile service merges the Helium Network, based on the Solana blockchain, with a nationwide 5G network.

Helium Mobile’s nationwide plan

Priced at an affordable $20 per month, the Helium Mobile plan provides users with unlimited data, text, and calls.

This move comes after a successful limited trial conducted in Miami earlier this year, showcasing the viability of Helium Mobile’s innovative approach to mobile services.

At the heart of Helium Mobile’s offering is the integration of the Helium Network, an Internet-of-Things project anchored on the Solana blockchain, with a robust nationwide 5G network. Users can become builders of their own network by setting up Helium Mobile Hotspots, acting as ‘mini cell towers’ to expand coverage.

This decentralized approach aims to eliminate dead zones, transforming the way users experience mobile connectivity.

Despite the ambitious plan, Helium Mobile faces questions regarding its revenue model. Investors have scrutinized the profitability of the Helium Network, which generated only $6651 in revenue from its wireless network in June 2022.

To address coverage gaps, Helium collaborates with T-Mobile, with Helium paying T-Mobile for backup coverage.

All in all, this groundbreaking initiative by Helium Mobile marks a significant step in the convergence of blockchain and telecommunications, potentially reshaping the future of mobile communication.

Helium Network native token, HNT, surge

Riding on the news, Helium (HNT), the native cryptocurrency of Helium Network which is at the heart of Helium Mobile, has surged by 27% to trade at 5.24 at press time.

Helium (HNT) price chart


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