Haru Invest Responds to Customer Inquiries Regarding Asset Losses and Distribution Plans

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Accroding to Haru Invest’s latest update, it has received numerous inquiries in recent weeks from concerned members regarding the status of their assets and the company’s plans moving forward. In response to these inquiries, Haru Invest has released an official statement addressing the most common questions and concerns raised by its valued customers.

One of the primary concerns raised by members relates to the extent of losses incurred at B&S, a partner asset management firm entrusted with Haru Invest’s funds. Haru Invest acknowledges that determining the exact amount of losses at B&S is still an ongoing process. However, they assure their customers that they are working diligently to assess the remaining assets and will provide a comprehensive update as soon as the exact amount is known.

Furthermore, Haru Invest clarifies that assets entrusted to internal asset management teams and other partners are being returned. At present, no losses have been detected in these areas. Once all assets under management have been returned and the credits and debts finalized, Haru Invest will be able to provide an approximate percentage of losses.

Addressing concerns about the distribution of remaining assets, Haru Invest outlines its plan to sequentially return assets under management by each management team. However, given the complexity of the process, the exact timeline for distributing the remaining assets is currently uncertain. Haru Invest is considering multiple rounds of distribution and promises to provide a more detailed plan as the legal proceedings progress.

Haru Invest also acknowledges inquiries regarding the distribution plans for Earn Plus and Earn Explore. They state that providing a clear answer is challenging at this stage, as the size and percentage of investment losses have yet to be finalized. However, Haru Invest assures its customers that they will be promptly informed once a decision has been reached, taking into account both the legal process and the distribution of customer assets.

In response to questions about receivership and sale, Haru Invest confirms that their priority is to recover and return customers’ assets. They are also contemplating the sale of the company’s assets to cover losses. In addition, Haru Invest is actively taking steps to reduce operating costs, thereby preventing further asset losses and outflows.

Lastly, customers seeking reassurance regarding their compensation for losses inquire whether they must pursue legal action. Haru Invest clarifies that they are currently reviewing and preparing measures to return customer assets. They emphasize that not filing a lawsuit will not hinder customers from receiving compensation as long as their legal rights are acknowledged.

As previously reported, in a letter to Haru Invest members, CEO Hugo Lee expressed “regret for any delays in updating customers, Lee clarified that the focus was initially on assessing the extent of damage and formulating recovery plans. He emphasized the company’s commitment to transparently sharing the current situation and progress with members through continuous communication channels.”

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