Groundbreaking Human Clinical Research Study Finds Ripple THC Products Are Absorbed 2x Faster Than Market-Leading THC Gummies

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DENVER–()–Ripple, a leading brand of cannabis edibles, is advancing scientific understanding of how “real world” cannabis products work. The findings of a recent independent human clinical study on THC edibles help to add transparency to the cannabis industry for the benefit of consumers.

The study, conducted independently by Colorado State University researchers and published in the peer-reviewed, open-access scientific journal Pharmaceuticals, explored the pharmacokinetics of edible THC. It also found that all Ripple products were absorbed into the bloodstream significantly faster than market-leading gummy products, including those marketed as “quick.” The differences were seen across the board, from Ripple Gummies (2.3X faster than the leading gummy), Ripple Dissolvables (1.9X faster) and Ripple QuickSticks (1.5X faster).

While other THC edibles brands claim on their labels that they’re fast-acting or quick-absorbing, no company has actually substantiated such a claim using the actual products available for sale, until now. This study represents the first human clinical substantiation of a ‘fast-acting’ claim in consumer cannabis edibles, and validates Ripple’s commitment to backing all its products and claims with rigorous science.

“Our commitment to substantiation and honesty makes us an outlier in an industry full of hyperbole and outright lies,” said Justin Singer, Ripple CEO and Co-Founder. “Companies like to throw around terms like ‘water-soluble’ or ‘nano,’ but they’re just meaningless buzzwords without actual scientific proof. We believe in truth in advertising even when no one is enforcing it, so we invested in the research to prove—both to consumers and to ourselves—that our products do what we say they do.”

Importantly, the findings represent the first published human clinical research study of commercially available THC products. “The FDA keeps asking for ‘real world evidence’ on consumer cannabinoid products. Well, it doesn’t get more real-world than actual consumer products tested with actual consumers,” said Singer. “Unfortunately, because the products in this study were sourced through retail dispensaries rather than through the DEA/NIDA, the FDA is likely to ignore these results, as they have all other research based on state-legal cannabis products. That’s a shame, but we nonetheless hope this study informs intelligent policymaking as cannabinoids continue to grow in popularity and availability. Consumers aren’t waiting for federal regulators, and so neither can the scientific community,” Singer said.

The study, led by Dr. Christopher Bell, Director of CSU’s Integrative Biology Lab, utilized a randomized, placebo-controlled crossover design to compare the absorption patterns of a 10mg THC dose, given to seven healthy adults over the course of six weeks, in six different formats: Ripple Gummies, Ripple QuickDissolves, Ripple QuickSticks, a market leading “sour” gummy, a market leading “quick” gummy, and a THC-free placebo candy. Blood THC concentrations were measured at several points over four hours after ingestion, and analyzed using Ultra High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) assay. Each subject served as their own control—removing the possibility of between-person variability and providing high statistical significance to the results.

“It was critical for us to obtain, and rely on, observable quantitative data — THC blood levels — rather than subjective self-reports, like ‘I’m starting to feel high now,’” said Keith Woelfel, Ripple’s R&D Director. “This pharmacokinetic data lays the groundwork for understanding how our products work in the body. And it answers basic questions that matter deeply to consumers. Questions like, ‘how fast will this hit me?’ and ‘how long will it last?’”

“Cannabis consumers have the right to demand high-quality products that actually do what they claim on their labels,” Singer added. “At Ripple, we’ll continue to invest heavily in credible research to make sure they can always use our products confidently — and happily.”

About Ripple

Ripple produces the most innovative and consistent products in the marijauna market, including: Ripple Dissolvables, the O.G. fast-acting, water-soluble powder; Ripple Gummies, clinically proven to be 2X faster than the competition; and Ripple QuickSticks, the most convenient and fun way to get the fastest THC.

At Ripple, our mission is to improve people’s lives through cannabinoids. We give people consistent experiences they can count on, and we deliver those experiences two times faster than the competition. We pride ourselves on great products, great people, and great science. We are singularly focused on quality, which to us means doing things the right way, right from the start.

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