GoSayHELLO App Receives $300,000 Algorand Foundation Grant to Incentivize Engagement Using Blockchain Asset ($HELLO)

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ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / October 19, 2021 / GoSayHELLO App, Inc. receives $300,000 grant from the Algorand Foundation, one of the top 20 blockchains in the world. The grant will fuel a networking platform to incentivize close-proximity engagements utilizing Algorand Standard Assets (i.e. $HELLO tokens).

GoSayHELLO facilitates interaction between people, businesses, places, and events nearby. GoSayHELLO’s mission is to be the #1 utility for in-person engagement by connecting users in close proximity with similar interests. GoSayHELLO’s vision is to be the perfect platform that allows users to discover, engage, and connect with other users and businesses with similar interests in their current location be it university campuses, parks, community events, tourist sites, shopping malls, and even festivals. The platform strives to be a localized community building platform by connecting the right people in the right place at the right time.

“The idea to incentivize engagement utilizing blockchain came about while attending a brunch party in Atlanta when I noticed the lack of engagement between people throughout the venue. It seemed like everyone was on their phones, taking pictures for their social media; however, not actually having fun, meeting new people, or engaging with each other,” Monte Applewhite states in a recent interview with Voyage ATL.

“The next day, I was grocery shopping in my North Carolina A&T football jersey, and someone screamed ‘AGGIE PRIDE!’ to me. At that moment, I realized if we knew the interests we shared with the people around us, then it would facilitate engagement and establish connections,” Applewhite also states.

GoSayHELLO’s target audiences are young professionals and unique populations including colleges/universities, businesses, local communities, and travelers. The platform will also share events and community activities to target audiences nearby.

In addition to using blockchain to incentivize engagement, GoSayHELLO strives to address income inequality in cities and communities around the world. The new app is gearing up for their upcoming launch by several beta testing events taking place in Atlanta, Georgia. For partnership opportunities, investor and consumer relations, email info@gosahelloapp.com or visit www.gosayhelloapp.com.


Monte Applewhite, pictured above, is the Co-Founder and CEO of GoSayHELLO App Inc.


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