Gemera Crypto Tokens Available September 10th

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Gemera, the much-anticipated crypto token fully backed by physical emeralds mined in Colombia, has finally announced its pre-sale scheduled for September 10th, 2018. To celebrate the occasion, all early participants of the pre-sale will benefit from a 20% bonus on Gemera token purchases.

The Gemera project is the result of a vision to build a fully transparent platform based on blockchain, allowing emerald producers to connect directly with precious stone investors. This new decentralized ecosystem represents the first of its kind for any interested parties to access a unique asset ownership opportunity in an open and democratic manner.

Old world assets, new world mechanism

Emeralds of Colombian origin have stood above the rest for over 500 years, with their unrivalled quality the benchmark for gemstone enthusiasts. The South American country still supplies over 70% of the global emerald supply and commands the best price per carat.

Unique in appearance, emeralds are today considered the most valuable and most appreciated among precious stones. Gemval, which provides value reference and gem appraisals, reported on February 1st, 2018 that rough emeralds have appreciated 135% in price since 2013.

However, while emeralds have had a longstanding reputation for value and worth due to their beauty and rarity, those in the industry have become familiar with old issues such as the high capital outlay required to participate as well as the low relative income for producers, owing to the high commission costs of brokers and intermediaries.

Gemera tokens will be created, each fully backed by the value of actual Colombian emeralds to protect their valuation, while also providing an innovative way to bring efficiency to the precious industry’s value chain.

By using the Gemera token and platform, third parties are done away with, ensuring a larger share of revenue for producers, while reducing costs for investors – all this with the benefit of transparency for better traceability and efficiency.

Major emerald producers in Colombia have already backed the Gemera project, providing physical emeralds complete with certification of authenticity and quality, stored in the secure Malca-Amit facilities in Hong Kong. These emerald stocks will back part of the tokens sold during the pre-sale.

GEMERA’s Pre-Sale

Founded by a group of Colombian entrepreneurs and emerald producers, the Gemera project is a culmination of passion for the industry and a motivation to augment it with the innovative technologies of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The Gemera token will be available via a crowdfund, beginning with the pre-sale period from September 10th to October 24th, 2018. All pre-sale purchases will be entitled for a 20% bonus on top of the base price of $1 per token.

Following this, the general public sale will kick off on October 25th and last until December 12th, 2018, rewarding early supporters via a decreasing bonus structure starting at 10%.

To learn more about Gemera tokens and the Gemera token sale, visit the official Gemera website or read the Gemera whitepaper and one-pager.

Learn about the emerald process on Vimeo, or follow the latest developments with the Gemera team on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and Medium.

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