From Europe to Global: CAIZ’s IFBA Innovation Now Operates in 99 Countries

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Bratislava, Date – CAIZ, the first fiqh-compliant blockchain ecosystem, is once again attracting major attention by publicly announcing its new global reach. The Islamic Federated Byzantine Agreement (IFBA), an innovative consensus mechanism designed by CAIZ, has effectively extended its footprint over 99 nations, marking an important turning point and a milestone for the entire cryptocurrency world.

Consensus building and mechanisms among decentralized nodes continue to be an ongoing challenge in the expanded sector of blockchain technology. By creating and developing the IFBA consensus mechanism, CAIZ is positioning itself as a leader in the sector, demonstrating a firm drive to tackle this challenge efficiently with presenting great outcomes. The newly developed system adheres to Islamic principles while optimizing technical consensus and procedures. The IFBA consensus mechanism, which introduces three important developments, holds the perspective to completely change both the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries in an ethical way that is technologically advanced.

The Triple Innovation of the IFBA by CAIZ

  1. Islamic Supervisory Nodes: a dedicated network of nodes monitored by eminent Islamic scholars, constitute a key element of CAIZ’s IFBA successes. These nodes are in charge of maintaining the blockchain’s ethical and moral high standards, ensuring that every transaction complies with Islamic Financial Principles. As a result, the blockchain developed by CAIZ emerges as a digital domain sign of immutable and tracked accountability.


  1. Verified Public Nodes: transparency and accountability have always been fundamental pillars of a resilient blockchain ecosystem. CAIZ further strengthens these principles by incorporating verified public nodes into its infrastructure. These nodes serve as diligent guardians, meticulously monitoring transactions and bolstering the overall trustworthiness of the blockchain network.


  1. The Caiz Consensus Protocol: presents an efficient structure enabling nodes to reach consensus while preserving the tenets of Islamic Finance by being at the center of IFBA’s functionality. This protocol, which forms the nucleus of the IFBA system, ensures the smooth running of the CAIZ blockchain and fully adherence to Fiqh compliance.


Each of the three innovations outlined above have significantly set a new trend and greatly transformed the processes of decision-making, transparency, and ethical conduct within the blockchain industry.

International Validation of CAIZ: Unlocking the Gates to a New Era

CAIZcoin hit another important goal by obtaining approval to operate in more than 99 countries throughout the world, in addition to its outstanding IFBA mechanism. In light of this recognition, an active global community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors, and consumers is now growing also in regions that are underserved and unprivileged. CAIZcoin, with its expanded authorization, is well-positioned to be a guide within the CAIZ ecosystem for experts and newbies to start managing cryptocurrencies in an easier and simpler way, democratizing digital banking for everyone involved.

CAIZcoin makes it efficient for users and organizations to safely send funds and conduct transactions without the use of intermediaries, lessening the dangers of fraud and theft while reducing notably the time that is necessary to carry those operations as well as lowering expenses. CAIZ’s blockchain technology outperforms the traditional financial system in terms of trust and accountability, as all transactions are transparent and unalterable, all tracked and 24/7 accessible. 

The adoption of the Islamic Federated Byzantine Agreement (IFBA) consensus mechanism and the authorization of CAIZ in more than 99 nations together are a great step forward for CAIZ defining also a significant development for the entire blockchain industry. A new era of financial autonomy, trust, and transparency within the digital financial sphere has been marked by CAIZ’s persistent drive toward attaining excellence and its constant effort to serve people regardless of their background, geography position or social status. 

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