Ethereum killer Solana price eyes 25% gains as SOL slows down its retracement

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  • Solana price is likely to rally 25% from its current position and retest the $240 level.
  • However, bears might push SOL below the weekly low at $176 before buyers trigger a 35% ascent to $240.
  • A swing low below $163 will invalidate the bullish thesis.

Solana price performance has been falling short of late, especially after the December 4 flash crash. But things could be due for a change as SOL presents a buy opportunity that might get more attractive if trapped bears decide to join the party.

Solana price vies to retest old highs

Solana price rose 14% to set up a swing high at $204 between December 6 and December 7. This run-up failed to collect the liquidity resting above $207 and has since retraced 6% to where it currently trades – $190.

Depending on where bulls decide to make a comeback, SOL looks to sweep the swing high at $240 and collect the buy-stop liquidity resting above it. From the current position, this run-up would constitute a 25% ascent.

However, there is a chance that investors might not be done booking profits. In such a situation, Solana price might decide to sweep the weekly low at $176 before it triggers an upswing. In this situation, SOL will aim for a 17% climb to $207. If the buying pressure continues to pour in, the “Ethereum killer” could make its way to $228 and, eventually, the $240 hurdle. In the latter scenario, a move from $176 to $240 would represent a 35% gain for SOL.

SOL/USDT 4-hour chart

While things are looking up for Solana, a breakdown of the $171 support floor will indicate that buyers are taking their sweet time to make a comeback. As long as the bullish momentum kick-starts here, SOL is in the safe zone. However, if the bears decide to knock SOL down to produce a swing low below $163, it will invalidate the bullish thesis outlined above.

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