Ethereum and most altcoins are consolidating, cardano is making a leap

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Bitcoin (BTC) attempted a breakout around midnight, but it turned out to be a fake out to go. We also see a similar trend with many altcoins. For the rest, it has remained relatively quiet in the past 24 hours, with the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies hovering around $2.25 trillion.

Daily Market overview.
Market cap: $2.28T +0.65%⬆️
SPOT Volume 24h: $53.1B -0.44%⬇️$BTC dominance: 38.59% -0.90%⬇️
Fear & Greed Index: 52⬆️😑 neutral sentiment on the Market. Most projects in consolidation. #Bitcoin $BTC $ETH #Ethereum

— IT Tech (@IT_Tech_PL) April 4, 2022

Ethereum still romps at $3,500

Ethereum (ETH) is still battling the USD 3,500. Around midnight, the ether appeared to be able to break through this price and briefly rocketed to a high of $3,570. However, like bitcoin, ether faked out, and the price immediately corrected back. Still, ETH held out immediately above USD 3,480 and then resumed the battle with the USD 3,500.

I think ETH a lil bit lower first to fuck the Bybit longs then strong pamp Monday to liquidate the Binance shorts that are building up.

— Byzantine General (@ByzGeneral) April 3, 2022

DOT, AVAX, SOL, LUNA something in the minus

The rest of the largest altcoins also remain relatively quiet. Yet we see a bit of a reversed picture compared to the past few days. The strongest risers are now in the red, and vice versa. Polkadot (DOT) failed to hold on to the $23 after the fakeout and dropped to $22.7 with DOT down 1.8%. Avalanche (AVAX) was already declining before the fakeout, but appears to be finding support around USD 97. AVAX is 1.7% in the min.

Terra (LUNA) dipped down last night, but was able to recover afterwards. Still, LUNA is down 1.5% to $113.5. Solana (SOL) struggled with $140 24 hours ago and dropped to $136.5 this morning, bringing the price down 1.3%.

XRP, BNB, SHIB, DOGE something in the plus

Ripple (XRP) was able to make some decent gains last night, but was rejected shortly after midnight at the $0.85 level, falling back to $0.83 this morning, roughly the same price it was 24 hours ago. Binance coin (BNB) briefly broke through $450 with the fakeout, but dropped back to $446 this morning. Nevertheless, BNB is 0.6% in the plus. Also, shiba inu (SHIB) is up about 0.6% in the past 24 hours to $0.0000265.

Dogecoin (DOGE) shot up briefly yesterday afternoon, but encountered too much resistance around USD 0.148. DOGE made another attempt several hours later but was rejected again and currently appears to be struggling to hold on to USD 0.144. Yet DOGE is 2% in the plus today.

Cardano starts to rise

Cardano (ADA) started to climb hard this morning. The share price is up 4.2% today. Despite this, it looks like the resistance around USD 1.22-$1.23 may still be too strong. ADA drops to $1.21 at the time of writing.

#cardano jumped back above $1.22, and supply is moving out of $100k+ $ADA address. The low-mid and high-mid tiers are the group accumulating consistently, and these 100 to 100k $ADA holders now own theirs #AllTimeHigh or 16.8% of the available supply

— Santiment (@santimentfeed) April 4, 2022

Top 100 crypto hardest fallers

Most altcoins do not turn too deep red, except for the crypto that rose the fastest last week. Thorchain (RUNE), apecoin (APE) and juno (JUNO) are about 5% in the min. Near (NEAR) is down 6%, zilliqa (ZIL) is 7% and ecash (XEC) is 8%. Stepn (GMT) is even down 11%, but is still more than 200% up from a week ago. Waves (WAVES) is dropping the hardest today and is no less than 13% in the minus.

based on bullshit conspiracy theory

— SBF (@SBF_FTX) April 3, 2022

Top 100 crypto hardest risers

There are also few outliers on the green side today. Internet computer and convex finance are up 5%, helium and amp almost 6%. Lido and pancakeswap almost 8%. Mina protocol and celo almost 9%.

#CeloConnect has officially started! Kicking things off on the Inspire Stage are Celo founders, @followrene@marek_ and Sep Kamvar.🎙️

— Celo (@CeloOrg) April 4, 2022

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