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Fulham FC Signs Deal With World Mobile, a Mobile Network Built on Blockchain


Andrew Cohen

English soccer club Fulham has signed a three-year sponsorship deal with blockchain telecommunications network World Mobile. World Mobile’s logo will appear on the jerseys worn by Fulham’s men’s, women’s, and youth teams.

World Mobile is focused on bringing internet connectivity to communities across Sub-Saharan Africa through its network built on the Cardano blockchain. The company is currently focused on placing its network infrastructure in Zanzibar, followed by Tanzania and Kenya. 

“We support World Mobile’s vision to improve connectivity in less developed areas. Keeping the world connected is the future, and we look forward to working with World Mobile during the three-year term of our partnership and assisting them, by using our club platforms, to publicize and amplify their fantastic work,” Alistair Mackintosh, CEO of Fulham FC, said in a statement.

Fulham, which was relegated from the Premier League after the 2020 season, now plays in the second-tier English Football League Championship. According to a press release from the team, nearly 20 million people across Sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa, Israel, Nigeria, and the United Arab Emirates, watched the 2020 EFL Championship.

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