dYdX Chain Audit Reveals Zero Critical Issues, Confirms Informal Systems

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Decentralized exchange platform dYdX has successfully undergone a full security audit of its Chain code, conducted by Informal Systems. The news was announced on dYdX’s official Twitter account and later reposted by the company’s founder, Antonio. The audit aimed to ensure the safety and security of the dYdX Chain software, a top priority for the company. According to the official blog post, all issues identified have been addressed by the dYdX team.

Informal Systems, an entity well-versed in the Cosmos Ecosystem, carried out the audit in three distinct phases. The first phase scrutinized custom modules such as x/assets, x/perpetuals, x/epochs, x/sending, x/prices, and x/subaccounts, in addition to liquidation and price-feed daemons. The second phase focused on the x/clob module and additional custom changes to forked versions of CometBFT and Cosmos SDK. The third and final phase examined modules like x/bridge, x/delaymsg, x/rewards, and x/vest, along with the Bridge Daemon.

The audit process identified one critical issue, which has since been resolved. Additionally, four medium issues, 17 low issues, and 19 informational issues were noted. Of these, 34 were accepted and subsequently addressed, while five were considered to be functioning as designed.

dYdX is also running a bug bounty program for the Chain software, offering payouts of up to $5 million depending on the severity and eligibility of the discovered issues. However, issues already known by the dYdX team or those highlighted in the audit are not eligible for the bug bounty.

Image source: Shutterstock

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