CreativeMornings Fort Worth Presents: Ripple

Fibo Quantum

This month, we invite you to pay attention to your personal ripple effect. To examine how your impact expands beyond your inner circle and find ways to pay positivity forward. If you’re feeling brave, this month can be a time to explore the depths of your world. Dare to plunge below the surface and invite deeper connection in.

A renowned fashion artist, Sunflowerman (real name: Matthew Miller) has fashioned an identity all his own. After growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he lived in London, Milan, Paris, and New York, inspiring him to revive the lost art of men’s fashion illustration in a signature style. Sunflowerman works with clients around the globe creating unique content for brands and illustrating personalized portraits for businesses and individuals. Before the March event, check out his wonderful work at

Everyone is creative, everyone is welcome.

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