Could Shiba Memu be one of the best meme presale investments of 2023?

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  • Shiba Memu uses AI to generate value and market itself.

  • Shiba Memu presale allows investors to generate returns every day.

  • SHMU’s potential is huge owing to its value proposition and highly subscribed presale.

Shiba Memu (SHMU) is starring as a potential presale leader in 2023. Not only has the project raised over $4.54 million in presale, but investors have made significant returns. The presale launched at just $0.011125, but the token is now valued at $0.042175. The value implies that you would have nearly made four times buying the token after being offered on presale. But is this the only reason Shiba Memu ranks as an attractive meme investment?

Shiba Memu is a potential 10x or 50x investment

Times have changed, and meme investments rank high among the options available to investors nowadays. As a snapshot, the meme sector is now valued at over $20 billion, up from $0 in 2020. Thanks to new and revolutionary projects like Shiba Memu, the sector is growing bigger and better. 

Forget about big Dogecoin price moves or the 10,000% gains PEPE made earlier this year. Shiba Memu has the potential to post similar margins and remain at the helm for a long time. This has been made possible by AI use, expected to make Shiba Memu a self-marketing powerhouse.

You may be aware that meme tokens are driven mainly by hype. As the enthusiasm fades, so do their prices. Shiba Memu will use AI to market itself, counter adverse sentiment, and write its marketing copies. While it is too early to speculate how much success Shiba Memu will achieve with AI, we can anticipate a lot. 

AI is growing rapidly, and so are newer projects that have tapped into its potential. Shiba Memu continuously learns, and there is a potential to become an extraordinary project in the future. The project team has already lined up an exciting project portfolio, tapping into the new application area. An example is an AI dashboard that lets Shiba Memu users engage with the technology. They can ask questions, hold discussions, and learn about the latest creative advertising strategies.

As AI use grows popular and the meme sector expands, Shiba Memu is expected to reap big. The token potentially lists in early 2024, as the presale has approximately 40 days to conclude. Given how much investors have bought the token and the enthusiasm around it, a 1,000% gain is likely. However, future Shiba Memu predictions are huge. The token could see up to a 50x increase in value due to its sustainability focus. 

Shiba Memu earnings opportunities

Shiba Memu carries a significant speculative value, given its strong proposition. However, investors can also earn by promoting the project to their audience. 

Staking is another way to earn additional SHMU tokens. Investors stake the tokens in a smart contract or staking pool. Through staking, investors lock up some tokens on the Shiba Memu platform. As a result, they contribute to the platform’s growth and generate additional fees and rewards.

Also, investors can provide liquidity to the Shiba Memu pool using a decentralised exchange. Liquidity provision enables investors to generate fees based on the transactions conducted on the exchange. The use cases increase the demand and attractiveness of Shiba Memu.

Is the Shiba Memu presale worth buying?

One of the main advantages of purchasing tokens offered on presale is their low price versus value potential. Tokens on presale are unavailable to most investors, yet they are massively discounted. After listing, the price immediately takes off due to increased demand. Presale buyers enjoy significant returns as prices skyrocket on exchanges.

Shiba Memu carries an additional advantage while on presale. The price of the token increases every day at 6 PM GMT. Each day, investors accumulate gains for the tokens bought. Investors get a meme vibe and enjoy a guaranteed return before the tokens are availed to more investors.

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