Cosmos Now Supported By BTCS Blockchain Infrastructure Operations

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Over 250 apps and services are built on Cosmos

BTCS Inc. a blockchain technology focused company, announced the ongoing expansion its blockchain infrastructure segment with the addition of Cosmos, a $7 billion interoperable blockchain platform that connects large numbers of independent blockchains within the Cosmos network. BTCS has deployed its own node which is generating revenue by validating transactions on the Cosmos blockchain.

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Cosmos was designed to provide an easy to build upon blockchain capable of handling large numbers of transactions while effectively connecting with other blockchains – creating an Internet of Blockchains – a network of blockchains capable of scaling and communicating with each other in a decentralized manner.

“With a clear roadmap focused on liquidity and security, Cosmos is a great addition to our rapidly-evolving validator business,” stated Charles Allen, Chief Executive Officer of BTCS.

“Currently, more than 30 enterprise-grade public chains are part of the Cosmos ecosystem – projects such as Terra,, OKB, as well as more than 250 Decentralized Applications,” added Michal Handerhan, Chief Operating Officer of BTCS. “Combined with its interoperable communication layer between different blockchain networks and its ability to replicate other blockchains, Cosmos in our view has significant long-term potential.”

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