Coinbase Continues To Add 50,000 Users a Day During Bear Market – Bankless Times

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While the cryptocurrency market has tanked in recent months, many cryptocurrency advocates remain unfazed, with some claiming that the adoption rates will only continue to swell. Critics may classify this sentiment as unwarranted optimism, but Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has recently disclosed figures that allude to the fact that the cryptocurrency market is set on growing. Coinbase Signs Up 50,000 Users A Day Coinbase has long been at the helm of the cryptocurrency market, holding the business of 25 million consumers to its name. But as this year’s correction hit crypto investors square in the gut, many pessimists began to speculate that it was the beginning of the end for exchanges. Bloomberg reports that this is far from the case, with Brian Armstrong, the CEO and co-founder of Coinbase, recently speaking at the Bloomberg Players Technology Summit to give an inside look into one of the most influential firms in this industry. During

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Coinbase Continues To Add 50,000 Users a Day During Bear Market

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