Coinbase Commerce Showcases its new Landing Page and Features

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Coinbase has been gaining a major reputation for being a well respected, newcomer-friendly cryptocurrency coin exchange, among other things. According to its Twitter account, the company has showcased its latest addition to the site, which was its new landing page, which demonstrated a number of its unique selling points.

The website itself, referred to as ‘Commerce Coinbase‘ aims to provide small to large scale online businesses to begin accepting transactions in any medium of accepted cryptocurrencies.

The direction that Coinbase is taking in launching this website and landing page is to foster a greater likelihood for wide-spread adoption of cryptocurrencies by the broad population.

Coinbase Commerce allows companies from all across the world to have access to cryptos as a faster, more efficient system of completing transactions between buyers and sellers than through conventional means.

The commerce system itself offers new users:

  • Full access to all features
  • Multi-currency
  • No limits
  • Robust API
  • Webhooks for charges
  • Customized payment buttons
  • Hosted checkout pages

According to Coinbase’s commerce site, there are already over 2,000 merchants accepting cryptocurrencies as a medium of payment.

Coinbase itself has made a reputation as a highly secure, efficient and user-friendly coin exchange, but has also moved beyond being just a coin exchange, making strong moves towards venture capital, fundraising and offering accelerator programs for new blockchain companies.

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