Coin98 Debuts Decentralized App Store on NEAR’s Blockchain Operating System

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Coin98, a multichain wallet and decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, has unveiled a decentralized application (dapp) store powered by the NEAR Blockchain Operating System (B.O.S), marking a pivotal move towards providing streamlined access to prominent Layer-2 (L2) ecosystems. This development was disclosed on November 2, 2023, in a press release by the NEAR Foundation.

Platform Integration

The integration of NEAR’s B.O.S technology in Coin98’s offering enables over 7 million users across 170 countries to interact with a user-friendly dapp store interface. Through this interface, users can effortlessly explore top bridging and DeFi protocols, enhancing the overall user experience. The frontend code of the dapps featured in the Coin98 dapp store resides on-chain on NEAR, epitomizing the essence of true decentralization.

A Unifying User Experience

Coin98’s initiative seeks to dissolve the existing fragmentation in the onboarding journey into L2 and DeFi ecosystems. Its Super Wallet, supporting over 70 chains and 15,000 dapps, now houses the B.O.S gateway, simplifying the discovery and interaction with cross-chain bridging, money markets, and decentralized exchanges. The singular interface requires users to connect only once with their Coin98 Super Wallet to access a curated selection of protocols and applications pertinent to each ecosystem.

Layer-2 Solutions Support

The decentralized dapp store supports a variety of top L2 solutions including Polygon zkEVM, zkSync, Base, and Linea. These solutions are now easily accessible via both Coin98’s website and mobile application, encouraging user engagement with different blockchain ecosystems. The integration facilitates seamless interaction with a myriad of widgets dedicated to each ecosystem, further simplifying the onboarding process for both new and seasoned blockchain enthusiasts.

The B.O.S Technology Edge

Employing the B.O.S technology stack for decentralized frontends, Coin98 has managed to build a truly decentralized app store. The featured dapps on the platform are frontend components whose code is stored on-chain on NEAR, interacting directly with the smart contracts on the original chains. This setup not only augments user experience but also underscores the potential of B.O.S in improving Web3 user engagement by solving complex onboarding and fragmented user experience issues in the Web3 space.

The dapp store’s launch aligns with Coin98’s strategy to bolster user acquisition and engagement in a competitive wallet market. By streamlining the way users interact with top L2 solutions, Coin98 has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the blockchain landscape. The development also reflects NEAR’s dedication to simplifying blockchain experience and expanding global access to the Open Web.

Thanh Le, Coin98 Founder, emphasized the platform’s commitment to offering a user-friendly interface while ensuring underlying decentralization, made possible by NEAR’s B.O.S. The expansion to include more ecosystems and dapps is on the horizon, with B.O.S significantly reducing the development process, enabling a swift and scalable integration of new applications.

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