Buyers anticipate a 20% rally for Ripple

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  • XRP price moves and holds above the neckline of an inverse head-and-shoulder pattern.
  • An additional bullish Point and Figure pattern developed, reinforcing prior bullish thesis.
  • XRP is likely to outperform Ethereum and Bitcoin over the next 10 trading days.

XRP price maintains bullish price action post-breakout. However, more buyers and participation are necessary to push XRP away from the near-term resistance turned support. While momentum to the upside is strong, any weakness could trigger a bull trap.

XRP price rejects near-term selling pressure and pushes higher toward $1.50

XRP price triggered a hypothetical long entry previously identified on October 28th. The original long setup called for an entry at $1.18 based on the breakout from a triple-top. In the time since that entry was triggered, two more enormous bullish events have occurred. First, XRP traded and closed above the neckline of the inverse head-and-shoulders triangle. Second, a bullish catapult has developed and points to the $1.50 value area as the projected profit target from that pattern.

Some downside risk is present on the $0.02 Point and Figure chart. While the triple-top breakout is bullish, XRP price is currently halted at two boxes above the triple-top. If a new O-column forms and pushes down to $1.19, that would confirm a Bullish Fakeout pattern. That bearish pattern could trigger selling pressure all the way down to $1.00. However, that scenario is not likely given the broader bullish sentiment in the cryptocurrency market.

XRP/USDT $0.02/3-box Reversal Point and Figure Chart

The bullish outlook will be nullified if XRP price faces intense bearish selling pressure to push XRP below the $1.00 value area.


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