BOCI and UBS Partner to Issue First Tokenized Security in Hong Kong

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BOCI, a leading Chinese financial institution, has issued the first tokenized security in Hong Kong, reaching a milestone in digital finance. The CNH 200 million fully digital structured notes, originated by UBS, have been placed with clients in Asia Pacific, indicating a significant collaboration between BOCI and UBS in the digital structured notes arena.

This development comes after UBS’s issuance of a USD 50 million tokenized fixed rate note in December 2022, under English and Swiss law, on a permissioned blockchain. The latest venture takes a step forward, marking the first product of its kind in Asia Pacific, constituted under Hong Kong and Swiss law, and tokenized on the main Ethereum blockchain.

Both BOCI and UBS are pioneering the use of blockchain technology to enhance efficiency in high-frequency issuance activities. Ms Ying Wang, Deputy CEO at BOCI, expressed the institution’s dedication to driving the simplification of digital asset markets and products through blockchain-based digital structured products. She also highlighted BOCI’s commitment to promote the digital transformation of Hong Kong’s financial industry.

Meanwhile, UBS continues to broaden its tokenization services, targeting structured products, fixed income, and repo financing through its UBS Tokenize platform. Aurelian Troendle, Global Head of MTN Trading at UBS AG, emphasized the potential benefits blockchain technology can offer to investors.

This milestone achieved by BOCI and UBS signals a new era of digital securities, paving the way for further innovations in the field.

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