Blockchain Brawlers launches Land Feature

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The professional wrestling-themed NFT Game led by Richard Garfield called Blockchain Brawlers has just launched its Land feature.

Wrestling-inspired NFT game Blockchain Brawlers today unveils the new Land feature for the game. This feature will allow users to “become an integral part of the ecosystem by acting as producers of crucial in-game assets,” says its developers. The game is being developed in collaboration with the TCG godfather Richard Garfield, best-known for his invention Magic: The Gathering.

Blockchain Brawlers’ new mode is a whole “game within a game” layer that would allow players to battle each other in exciting, interactive PvP matches.

“It is one of the most forward-thinking and independent features we have ever built for Blockchain Brawlers. We designed it very much like a standalone game all in itself, as opposed to a supporting act, so this goes beyond a lot of what we have previously designed for the game,” says WAX Studios Chief Game Officer Michael Rubinelli. “To help facilitate it, land owners will be able to produce assets and trade or exchange them with other players, acting as fully-fledged content producers in Blockchain Brawlers.”

A total of 1,100 NFT land plots will be put up for sale — ranging in price between $2,500 (“Platinum Version”) and $5,000 (“Diamond Version”). As of press time, all the Diamond plots have already sold out. The Platinum plot sale kicks off this Wednesday, July 20 at 7 AM PDT and will run for 24 hours or until sold out. Owning land will generate BRWL (Blockchain Brawlers’ native token), which the players can then use to craft content packs with essential items such as new cards for players’ decks, additional attacks, taunts, emotes, finishing moves, and more — which WAX Studios liken to MTG’s booster packs.

The items crafted will also come in different rarity — from “Common” to “Legendary” — with a chance of producing ultra-rare foil versions of in-game cards. Diamond plots will produce more pieces — 25 NFT packs per day from a Diamond plot versus ten packs from a Platinum one — thus incentivizing the ownership of these plots and spurring demand within the in-game economy.

Rubinelli adds, “We have a saying that drives us: ‘Utility on WAX, liquidity everywhere.’ Since WAX is the unquestioned technological leader in Web3 gaming, we like to showcase this core gamer-centric experience to anyone interested in objectively great gaming offerings tied to the benefit of asset ownership. We are singularly driven by the notion that players should own outright what they craft, trade for, buy, or anything that drops for them in-game to do with as they please. The future of all gaming is heading into a Player to Player economy and we are leading the way.”

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