Blockchain applications in health care for COVID-19 and beyond: a systematic review

Fibo Quantum

Our systematic review provides a summary of the current state of research with blockchain technology for both COVID-19-related and non-COVID-19-related applications in health care. Key findings are, first, that COVID-19-related research clearly has different areas of emphasis compared with non-COVID-19-related research, and focuses predominantly on pandemic control and surveillance, contact tracing, and immunity or vaccine passports. Although some reported applications (eg, vaccine supply chain monitoring) could be considered extensions from non-COVID-19-related indications, most applications (eg, COVID-19 immunity certificates or movement monitoring and control) are quite distinct.

  • Shamsi K
  • Khorasani KE
  • Shayegan MJ
A secure and efficient approach for issuing KYC token as COVID-19 health certificate based on stellar blockchain network.