Bitwise and VanEck to donate 10% ETF profits following SEC’s spot Bitcoin ETFs approval

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  • SEC approves spot Bitcoin ETFs: A historic moment for mainstream crypto integration.
  • Bitwise and VanEck donate 10% ETF profits to Bitcoin development: Philanthropy meets finance.
  • Meme Moguls emerges as the world’s first meme-backed stock market, aiming for 100x growth.

After the US Securities and Exchanges Commission’s (SEC) spot Bitocin approval, Bitwise, a major asset management player, has declared its intention to donate 10% of the profits from its recently approved Bitcoin ETF, BITB, to the development of Bitcoin’s open-source ecosystem.

Bitwise stated that its Bitcoin ETF $BITB would begin trading on 1/112024 with a 0% fee through 7/10/24 (on the fund’s first $1B in assets; 0.20% after).

This philanthropic move follows a similar commitment from VanEck, adding a new dimension to the intersection of traditional finance and cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, the emergence of Meme Moguls, a crypto platform integrating memes with trading, promises a unique venture in the crypto space.

SEC approves spot Bitcoin ETFs

In a historic move, the US Securities and Exchange Commission approved spot Bitcoin ETFs, marking a monumental moment in the financial world. This approval opens the floodgates for investors to directly participate in the cryptocurrency market through exchange-traded funds, providing a more regulated and accessible avenue for BTC investment.

This decision triggered a surge in Bitcoin prices, briefly touching the $47,000 mark. Analysts anticipate increased capital inflow into the cryptocurrency space as investors, both institutional and retail, explore these newly approved financial products.

As the market speculates on potential pullbacks, the SEC’s endorsement signifies a growing acceptance and integration of cryptocurrencies into mainstream financial instruments.

Bitwise and VanEck 10% profit donation for Bitcoin development

Bitwise’s commitment to donating 10% of BITB profits to Bitcoin development echoes a similar initiative by VanEck, another prominent financial institution. Both companies pledge to direct a percentage of their ETF profits to support the open-source development of Bitcoin, showcasing a shared vision for the cryptocurrency’s sustained growth.

Bitwise, having filed for a spot Bitcoin ETF five years ago, sees the recent approval as a significant milestone. The company envisions BITB as the ETF best suited for the evolving crypto landscape, and this philanthropic endeavour aligns with its dedication to fostering a robust Bitcoin ecosystem.

These donations will benefit organizations such as Brink, OpenSats, and the Human Rights Foundation, emphasizing a commitment to diverse causes within the Bitcoin community. Importantly, these contributions come with no strings attached, ensuring a transparent and altruistic approach to supporting the foundational aspects of the Bitcoin network.

Meme Moguls: where to trade memes

On another front, Meme Moguls introduces a novel concept by merging memes with a trading ecosystem. Positioned as the world’s first meme-backed stock market, Meme Moguls aims to leverage the power of memes for financial gains. The platform offers diverse meme-inspired assets, a trading platform, a fantasy trader game, a casino, and a metaverse world known as Mogul Land.

Participants can accumulate $MGLS tokens by engaging with the platform, staking tokens, and actively trading meme-inspired assets. With a focus on becoming the next 100x token, Meme Moguls aims to create millionaires within the first three months of launch. The ecosystem’s tokenomics, with 60% allocated to the presale, indicates a strategic approach to fueling the platform’s growth.

Is Meme Moguls (MGLS) a good investment?

As the cryptocurrency market continues to witness innovative ventures, potential investors may ponder whether Meme Moguls (MGLS) is a worthy addition to their portfolios especially now that the US SEC has approved spot Bitcoin ETFs for trading.

The platform’s unique features, including a fantasy trader game, a casino, and the promise of creating millionaires, contribute to its appeal. However, as with any investment, individuals are advised to conduct thorough research, considering the inherent risks associated with the cryptocurrency market.

To invest in the Meme Moguls (MGLS) token, you can visit the official website where the token’s presale is currently ongoing. The presale is currently in its fourth stage and the $MGLS token is going for   $0.0027.

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