Bitfarms reports a 7.3% increase in its monthly mining output

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bitfarms monthly mining output increase
  • Bitfarms produced 411 bitcoins last month and sold 362.
  • The Canadian miner is still lagging behind last year’s figures.
  • Bitfarms stock is currently down 40% versus its recent high.

Bitfarms Ltd says its mining output popped 7.3% in September as it continued to install new miners and “fully energised” its facility in Rio Cuarto to 51 MW.

Bitcoin still holds 703 BTC in total

The Canadian miner produced a total of 411 bitcoins last month – of which it sold 362 for about $9.5 million. Geoff Morphy – the Chief Executive of Bitfarms said in a press release today:

We continue to believe that many of our best opportunities for growth and investment will arise around the next Bitcoin halving expected to occur in April 2024.

The Toronto-headquartered firm still holds nearly $20 million worth of Bitcoin (703 in total). Its total operating capacity now sits at 233 MW.

Shares of the bitcoin mining company are still down about 40% versus their recent high.

Bitfarms is still lagging last year’s figures

Bitfarms is committed to strengthening its balance sheet and infrastructure ahead of the halving event next year – by which, it expects to have paid off under $10 million it still has in debt.

The bitcoin mining company now has a total operating capacity of 233 MW. Its hash rate improved another 9.0% in September to 6.1 exahashes per second (EH/s).

Bitfarms wanted its hash rate to hit 6.3 EH/s in the third quarter but “electrical infrastructure delays” at its Baie-Comeau facility saw it come a bit shy of the target.

Note that the Canadian miner is still trailing the numbers it reported last year. Bitfarms mined 3,692 BTC in the first nine months of this year versus 3,733 Bitcoin in the equivalent period of 2022. Wall Street currently has a consensus “buy” rating on BITF.

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