Binance Pay and Credencial Payments Join Forces to Enable Real-Time Crypto Payments in Latin America

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In a strategic alliance aiming to revolutionize the digital payment landscape, Binance Pay, the digital payment platform of the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, has partnered with Latin American (LATAM) company Credencial Payments. This collaboration will enable merchants to accept Binance Pay as a new payment method, thereby significantly expanding the use of cryptocurrency in the region.

Credencial Payments will allow customers to pay with cryptocurrency in real time, both physically and via e-commerce platforms, facilitating the conversion to local currency. This alliance comes amidst the growing prominence of digital assets and the increasing adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide. It presents a significant step towards making cryptocurrency more accessible and usable in everyday life.

“Binance Pay partnering with Credencial Payments is a concrete action towards mainstreaming cryptocurrency use,” said Maximiliano Hinz, Binance’s Director for LATAM Southern Cone. “Payments are one of the first use cases of cryptocurrencies, and we believe there is considerable room for growth in their adoption. Thanks to this partnership, users will be able to use Binance Pay to pay with the cryptocurrency of their choice. This is a further step in our ongoing efforts to promote the global adoption of cryptocurrencies in a tangible way, bringing them closer to everyday life.”

The partnership between Binance Pay and Credencial Payments could further bolster the rise of cryptocurrencies, particularly in Latin America, a region that has shown increasing interest in digital assets.

The cryptocurrency market continues to gain credibility and wider acceptance as more companies like Binance and Credencial Payments create solutions that simplify and promote the use of digital assets. The strategic alliance signifies a major advancement for the use of cryptocurrencies in the LATAM region, where digital payments are progressively becoming the norm.

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