Binance Labs Announces ColLabs: A Web3 Investment Community Platform

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Key Takeaways

  1. Launch and Exclusivity: Binance Labs announced the launch of ColLabs, an invite-only Web3 investment community, on August 31, 2023.
  2. Features: The platform offers exclusive content, deal-sourcing opportunities, and a channel for co-creation among Binance Labs’ portfolio companies.
  3. Community Channels: ColLabs combines a blog, a newsletter, and an invite-only Telegram channel, aiming to provide a regular flow of weekly content.
  4. Strategic Importance: The launch is a strategic move to foster connections and facilitate investment opportunities within the Web3 venture capital community.

Binance Labs, the venture arm of the global cryptocurrency exchange Binance, announced the launch of ColLabs on August 31, 2023. ColLabs is an invite-only Web3 investment community aimed at bridging the gap between venture capitalists, startups, and investors in the Web3 space. The platform is designed to serve as a hub for knowledge exchange, deal sourcing, and networking within the Web3 venture capital community.

What is ColLabs?

ColLabs is an extension of Binance Labs’ ongoing efforts to foster innovation and growth in the Web3 industry. The platform is exclusive to members and offers a range of features including:

Member-Only Access: Exclusive content, event invites, and select curricula from Binance Labs’ incubation programs.

Deal-Sourcing Opportunities: Direct access to investment opportunities from Binance Labs’ portfolio companies.

Networking: A gateway to connect with venture capitalists and institutional investors.

Insights: Knowledge-sharing from the Binance Labs Investment and Research team.

Co-Creation Channel: A platform for portfolio companies to collaborate and co-create.

How to Get Involved

ColLabs is more than just a community channel; it combines a blog, a newsletter, and an invite-only Telegram channel. Those interested in joining must apply to secure a spot in this exclusive community. Binance Labs promises a regular flow of weekly content aimed at its members.

Implications for the Web3 Community

The launch of ColLabs comes at a time when the Web3 industry is gaining momentum, with increasing interest from venture capitalists and institutional investors. By providing a centralized platform for deal sourcing and knowledge exchange, ColLabs aims to accelerate the growth of Web3 startups and facilitate collaboration among industry stakeholders.


ColLabs by Binance Labs represents a strategic move to consolidate resources and knowledge within the Web3 venture capital community. While the platform is invite-only, its focus on fostering connections and facilitating investment opportunities positions it as a significant addition to the Web3 ecosystem.

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