Binance Introduces MirrorX: A New Off-Exchange Settlement Solution

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In a move to enhance the security and efficiency of institutional trading, Binance, the world’s premier cryptocurrency exchange, has rolled out MirrorX. This off-exchange settlement solution, a collaboration with institutional custody partner Ceffu, underscores the rising demand for advanced tools tailored for institutional clientele in the cryptocurrency sector.

MirrorX: Bridging the Gap

MirrorX is a unique offering, exclusively crafted for Binance’s VIP & Institutional clientele. It facilitates these clients to securely store their digital assets within Ceffu’s third-party crypto custody. These assets can then be “mirrored” in real-time to a designated sub-account on Binance at a 1:1 ratio. In essence, assets mirrored from Ceffu to Binance are securely “locked” within Ceffu’s omnibus account. They are then delegated to a 3rd-Party Custodian sub-account on Binance, overseen by Ceffu. This mechanism ensures that while clients can seamlessly access a plethora of products within the Binance ecosystem, their assets remain independently custodied by Ceffu.

MirrorX: Key Advantages

  1. Immediate Asset Delegation: Assets mirrored from Ceffu to Binance are instantaneously reflected on the client’s designated 3rd-Party Custodian sub-account on Binance.
  2. Automated Settlements: All positions within MirrorX undergo automatic off-exchange settlement at T+1, sans any charges. Notably, any outward transfer from the 3rd-Party Custodian sub-account will initiate an automatic settlement.
  3. Facilitated Asset Withdrawal: Clients can opt to withdraw a portion or the entirety of their mirrored assets from their Binance account. This can be achieved either by transferring assets from the 3rd-Party Custodian sub-account to the Parent Account or directly via Ceffu.
  4. Risk Mitigation: By entrusting assets in an independent, third-party custody, MirrorX empowers clients to reduce asset exposure. Yet, they continue to leverage the unmatched liquidity Binance offers.

Catherine Chen, the Head of VIP & Institutional at Binance, remarked on the evolving needs of the clientele. She stated, “Binance, renowned for its deep liquidity and pioneering trading solutions, has always been a magnet for institutional investors. Our alliance with Ceffu amplifies our risk management capabilities, enabling clients to diversify their exposure while retaining access to our liquidity.”

In Summary

The advent of MirrorX is a testament to Binance’s commitment to refining the digital asset ecosystem for institutional players. By offering a secure and streamlined avenue for institutional trading, Binance cements its position at the vanguard of the cryptocurrency evolution. As the industry matures, innovations like MirrorX will undoubtedly shape its trajectory.

Image source: Shutterstock

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