Binance {BNB} soars past EOS {EOS} and congratulates Litecoin {LTC} for latest adoption deal

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Binance had carried out the Coin Burn protocol today, as it was revealed via an announcement more than 6 hours ago. This was the 8th quarterly Coin Burn.

Binance {BNB} initiates Coin Burn to promote decentralization as price climbs

Binance is the altcoin which managed to have a boost percentage more than the king coin. Binance is now ranked at #6 on coinmarketcap. The total market cap for Binance Coin is $4.518 billion. The trading volume recorded is $428.044 million.

The price of BNB is currently at $32.00 after it surged by 6.43%. 

EOS, known for their dApps, was a huge loser in the market yesterday. The price of EOS had a downward trend, and the rate of decline was more than 20%. Thus, it has lost its position, as Binance has been the best altcoin of this year. The total market cap of EOS is $4.456.
This was retweeted by CZ today:

BitTorrent is having a fabulous day in the market so far. The price of BTT is $0.001165 on coinmarketcap. The rate of growth for BTT is 3.94%. The trading volume recorded is $47.655 million in the course of the past 24-hours. The total market cap of BitTorrent is $247.064 million.

An hour ago, Changpeng Zhao congratulated the Litecoin Foundation. This was due to the Miami Dolphins deal which was revealed today. More than 23 million worth of BNB tokens were “burned” so as to establish a healthy and decentralized protocol. ‘

An AMA was conducted involving Changpeng Zhao, the leader of the Binance Project. During this period, he was asked about

  • 25% Fee Discount for Another Year
  • Margin Trading
  • the BNB burn which took place today
  • Updates on the Binance Futures plan
  • cross-chain trading in Binance DEX which will be developed later-on
  • plans for smart contracts, Binance’s challenge, why DEX is a better option when compared to the rest


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