Bankless: Solana’s Resilience and Prospects Amid Market Challenges

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Key Takeaways

Solana has recovered from a 93% market capitalization drop in 2022, showing a resurgence of ~111% year-to-date.

Priority fees and network upgrades have improved Solana’s uptime to 100% in 2023.

The ecosystem is diversifying with new use-cases like compressed NFTs and AI initiatives.

Upcoming developments like Neon EVM and Solang could further bolster Solana’s growth.

The Present: Overcoming Past Challenges

Network Status: Solana’s network faced significant challenges in 2022, including a 93% drop in market capitalization and a 96% reduction in total value locked (TVL). However, the network has shown resilience in 2023. Priority fees and network upgrades have contributed to a consistent 100% uptime year-to-date. Approximately 42% of daily fees now come from users prioritizing their transactions, a trend expected to continue.

Ecosystem Highlights: The Solana DeFi ecosystem is recovering, with a 41% growth in TVL when denominated in USD. Liquid staking derivatives have also played a role in this resurgence. The ecosystem is diversifying into other sectors like NFTs, gaming, and consumer-oriented applications, driven by technological advancements like state compression.

The Future: A Bright Horizon

Several upcoming developments could further strengthen Solana’s position:

Neon EVM: Went live in July, allowing Ethereum-based applications to operate on Solana.

Solang: A new compiler that enables Solidity-based projects on Solana.

AI Initiatives: A $10 million AI grant fund has been launched to expand into the AI sector.

Capital Injections: Solana is set to receive capital from recently launched growth initiatives like convertible grants, which transform into investments upon meeting specific milestones.


Solana has successfully navigated past challenges, emerging stronger in 2023. With a consistent 100% network uptime and diversification into new sectors, the future looks promising. Upcoming developments like Neon EVM, Solang, and AI initiatives could serve as catalysts for further growth.

Image source: Shutterstock

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