Asia Dominates CoinDesk List Of ‘Top Universities For Blockchain 2021’

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Cryptocurrency exchange CoinDesk has released this year’s ranking for the Top Universities for Blockchain. While its Asian schools dominate the list, European universities improve in position.

In a blog post, the crypto platform said the National University of Singapore has claimed the top spot, followed by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, University of California Berkeley, University of Zurich and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, making up the top five.

The Singapore National University gained its top spot due to its multiple blockchain research centres, frequent blockchain-themed conferences, clubs, company partnerships and its masters programme in digital financial technology.

This year’s sample size was expanded to include 230 international schools, compared to just US schools in the ranking last year. The ranking covers cost, academic reputation, research output, campus blockchain offerings such as student clubs and research centres, courses and employment outcomes.

Three other Asian schools also made it to the top 10 — Hong Kong Polytechnic, Tsinghua University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Australia is represented by Melbourne’s RMIT, while Europe’s University of Zurich, UCL and ETH Zurich made it to the ranking.

Among US schools, Berkeley came in third and MIT fifth, while last year’s 2nd spot Cornell came in at 17, last year’s 4th place Stanford settled at 12 this year. Harvard dropped to 49 from 5th last year. The declines reflect “strong competition this time and that schools with strong overall reputations aren’t always the best performers when it comes to blockchain”, CoinDesk said.

On the average, European universities score the second highest, followed by US schools. Asian and Australian schools took the regional lead with an average scaled score of 63 points; while European universities were second with an average scaled score of 60 points, and American and Canadian schools scaled average score of 59 points, CoinDesk said.

Cost-wise, top Canadian and American blockchain schools tended to have the heftiest tuitions, averaging $52,000 per year of study. Top European blockchain schools were the second most affordable, with an average cost of $16,700 per year and schools are in Asia and Australia, with an average yearly tuition of $12,000 were the most affordable schools for blockchain.

Ranking School Score
1 National University of Singapore 100.00
2 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 97.65
3 University of California Berkeley 93.26
4 University of Zurich 91.66
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 91.57
6 Hong Kong Polytechnic University 84.30
7 UCL 81.54
8 Tsinghua University 79.20
9 Chinese University of Hong Kong 75.30
10 ETH Zurich 75.04
11 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 74.98
12 Stanford University 68.41
13 UNSW Sydney 66.29
14 City University of Hong Kong 66.13
15 University of Oxford 65.47
16 Shanghai Jiao Tong University 65.18
17 Cornell University 63.98
18 Delft University of Technology 63.85
19 University of Hong Kong 61.97
20 University of Sydney 61.48
21 École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland) 60.78
22 University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 60.10
23 University of Cambridge 58.69
24 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 58.51
25 University of California Los Angeles 58.40
26 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 57.87
27 Sun Yat-sen University 57.18
28 University of British Columbia 55.80
29 Peking University 54.15
30 Arizona State University 51.86
31 Technical University of Munich 51.78
32 University of Edinburgh 51.77
33 Carnegie Mellon University 51.10
34 University of Melbourne 50.95
35 Worcester Polytechnic Institute 50.77
36 Georgetown University 50.40
37 Fudan University 49.95
38 University of Southern California 49.57
39 Korea University 48.85
40 Imperial College London 48.59
41 New York University 48.55
42 Tokyo Institute of Technology 47.37
43 University of Warwick 47.19
44 Fordham University 46.89
45 Columbia University 46.46
46 Seoul National University 45.72
47 King Abdulaziz University 45.59
48 Monash University 44.05
49 Harvard University 43.89
50 Zhejiang University 43.37

This is the second year CoinDesk has compiled these rankings and included 230 international schools compared to last year’s ranking of 46 US schools for the Top 30.

The study was led by Stanford and MIT researcher Reuben Youngblom and CoinDesk’s Joe Lautzenhiser, who looked at publicly available sources, including course catalogues, programme prospectuses, social media channels, club web page the Clarivate Web of Science, and devised an online survey where academics, students and stakeholders could rate the offerings at their schools and their competitors.

This year’s ranking also considered the varying cost of university education and introduced a metric that compares unsubsidised tuition costs against the average cost of living in the region of the school’s location.

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