Another View: Blockchain tech is future of the internet

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In response to Greg Kesich’s  Nov. 28 column “The View From Here: It’s not safe to ignore crypto”:

As blockchain technology continues to emerge, the general population simply groups it with cryptocurrency and silly non fungible tokens, and usually with the implication that it’s only good for crime and tax evasion.

I would challenge the author to examine blockchain technology independently from virtual currency. It has the potential to improve upon numerous shortcomings of the current state of the internet. For example, the current state of social media: Facebook or Instagram shuttles your pictures on to your friends smartphones, and in return, keep and own copies of all your images for an undisclosed amount of time.

Blockchain allows us to imagine a future where there’s miraculously no middleman: no Facebook or Instagram needed. Your digital stuff is simply yours.

— Special to the Telegram


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