Altbase Token Secures CMC and CG Within 2 Days – Incoming 20x?

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Altbase – a new altcoin exchange for altcoins and meme coins, has officially completed the migration to a new smart contract and the new token has gone live for traders to buy and sell. The proceeding 100xCoin has been officially delisted and the new Altbase Token ($ALTB) has now successfully deployed.

The migration has been one step of a complete rebranding phase for their entire product suite that includes a new application launch, a new token contract, and a new website, with the aim of establishing itself as a definitive exchange and native token that can compete with the biggest players in the crypto industry and be the first place users go to when they want to buy altcoins.

The $ALTB Token Contract Address

The address for the new $ALTB token – 0x9b3a01f8b4abd2e2a74597b21b7c269abf4e9f41

Altbase – Aiming to Become a Leading Altcoin Exchange

The application has so far seen some significant success and exponential growth since its inception, but the team behind the project feels that there is more work to be done to be the number one altcoin exchange and the first stop for users to buy altcoins. The application will see a complete redevelopment with an inclusion of an NFT marketplace, the aim is to enhance the user experience and create an application that competes directly with the industry leaders.

Exchange License Coming Soon

The team has announced the plan to adopt their native token $ALTB as the pairing option moving forward, with the process now underway to obtain an official Exchange License.

Once acquired, they will be able to take advantage of the utility option they have created with $ALTB, to be used for all purchases inside the application. Due to the tokens on offer and their exclusivity to the application, using $ALTB will only drive further volume to the native token itself and away from the current option of $BNB.

The Planned Marketing Drive For Altbase

The project has also adopted a complete SEO strategy through their partners Coinpresso – a leading SEO and crypto marketing agency. With the help of Coinpresso, the project is aiming to reach a target of over 100K in monthly search volume through Google alone. The goal is to be the first available choice when potential buyers are searching to buy altcoins and meme coins.

Additional planned marketing activities include:

  • CoinMarketCap listed in 2 days.
  • CoinGecko listed in 2 days.
  • PooCoin advertising campaign.
  • Reddit advertising campaign.
  • Press Releases with top publications.
  • Sponsored posts with top publications. – A Home of Altcoins is the new home for the project and has seen impressive improvements over their preceding website but the page is currently faster and more streamlined than any other exchange, and token offering online.

Included with the new website is a selection of informational listed coins pages for projects that have partnered with Altbase and tokens that are listed within the app,

Tokens Reserved For Buybacks

Due to the migration, there will be an allocation of tokens remaining from the previous contract. The development team will be utilizing this allocation to conduct a buyback on the new contract.

The Long Term Vision For Altbase

Altbase is putting increased investor choice at the forefront of everything they do, with the goal of listing only the best verified altcoins and meme coins. There are some notable additions that have been listed recently, Nano Dogecoin and Octaplex being two standouts that both aim to reward its holders in different ways.

Nano Dogecoin is a project focused on crypto passive income, and Octaplex, a crypto incubator for partnered projects, that offers its holders customizable crypto rewards through its cryptocurrency rewards program.  Both are available to purchase now from the Altbase application.

Altbase  is aiming to be the home of altcoins and will achieve it through tried and tested methods to bring new users to the service, while at the same time, taking every measurable step to redevelop not only its application but its website and native token to achieve this goal.

The app is available to download on mobile now, for iOS and Android.


Media Contact:

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