80 years for man found guilty of Broad Ripple pub murder

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INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man who earlier this month was found guilty of murder will serve 80 years in prison for shooting and killing Alfred Hayes Jr. in a Broad Ripple pub in 2019.

Curtis Baker was found guilty after a two-day trial on Aug. 9 and sentenced on Thursday. Hayes was also found guilty of being a habitual offender, which enhanced his sentence by 20 years.

According to previous reports, Hayes was shot by Baker inside a Broad Ripple pub located on Ferguson Street on Oct. 3, 2019. Witnesses said 36-year-old Hayes had been trying to protect a female employee who had been shoved when Baker approached Hayes and shot him.

Hayes’s family called him a protector and said he had worked security at a few different bars in Broad Ripple.

Baker wasn’t arrested until five months later in Edwardsburg, Michigan.

Hayes family called Hayes a protector

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