6 altcoins to buy: The crypto market is about to get crazier, and investing even a little bit of money could be life-changing, says a 12-year banking veteran

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John Vasquez, publicly known as coach JV, a crypto influencer and investor.

  • John Vasquez says fast-food chains offering customers crypto and NFTs leads to more mass adoption.
  • He shares six altcoins that give investors exposure to various industries from gaming to exchanges.
  • He also reminds investors that some altcoins could lose 90% of their value after the bull run.

John Vasquez, known as Coach JV across his social media platforms, says the crypto market is about to go crazy, even though it’s been exactly that this year. He’s a crypto investor and fast-growing influencer with almost 900,000 followers on TikTok alone.

He’s also a 12-year banking veteran with his most recent title being vice president, district manager at Wells Fargo. In 2017, he left that job to become an entrepreneur by starting his own business as a crypto coach.

Now, he’s busy educating his followers on how to take advantage of a rapidly moving and volatile market. He’s especially focused on navigating his audience through the last quarter of 2021, which he says is on track to feature a parabolic bull run.

Seasoned crypto investors generally follow a four-year cycle tied to bitcoin’s halving, when mining rewards are lessened. And historical patterns – notably the huge gains in 2017 – suggest the last quarter of the fourth year is the grand finale, where everything peaks to all-time highs before a drop-off.

Bitcoin tends to lead this rally while altcoins trail behind. On October 20, bitcoin surpassed its all-time high, reaching almost $67,000. Since then, it’s been hovering in the low $60,000s. Investors are now watching and waiting for its next rally.

Outside of historical patterns, Vasquez notes that there’s something new about this cycle and it has to do with mass adoption on a level never before seen. And no, it’s not exclusively the recently launched bitcoin futures ETFs or institutional investors’ participation that he’s referring to.

Major fast-food chains like Burger King and McDonald’s have announced that they’re jumping on the crypto bandwagon. Burger King is offering its customers rewards in crypto and Mcdonald’s is giving away non-fungible tokens. Vasquez believes this is going to open the floodgates for more individuals to start using crypto.

Even amidst all the excitement, he reminds investors that they should never invest more than they can afford to lose. Crypto remains heavily speculative and so the risks are high.

But on a good note, you don’t need to put very much into crypto to see decent gains, he said. If you have extra cash to spare or if you could earn some extra income to put into crypto, that’s enough and it could potentially change your life, he added.

His latest top picks for the coming bull run

Without a doubt, his top pick is XRP. Vasquez believes the crypto’s price is going to explode when Ripple’s ongoing lawsuit with the SEC ends. XRP was pulled off of some major exchanges in December of 2020 because of the ongoing issue and this has held its price down.

“When this case gets dropped or settled, it’s going to be the biggest crypto news in history. And so what happens, when crypto news hits, everybody’s going to come FOMOing, fear of missing out, into XRP and the price is going to skyrocket,” Vasquez said.

In a previous interview with Insider mid-September, Vasquez said he was bullish on XRP. Since then, the crypto is up by about 9.4%. XRP was last trading around $1.16 as of Friday, according to CoinMarketCap.

The second crypto he recommends new investors focus on is Vechain, which uses the crypto vet. This is a blockchain developed to support supply-chain management and business processes.

Vasquez believes the solutions it brings are important right now especially because of the supply-chain issues that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vasquez also touted vet in his previous interview. It’s since up by about 45%. As of Friday, vet was trading around $0.16 according to CoinMarketCap.

The next altcoin he’s very bullish on is cro which belongs to Crypto.com, an exchange platform that offers a wide variety of crypto. It solves a big issue, which is the barrier to entry, because its app is very user-friendly. New investors can buy, stake, and trade crypto that isn’t always available on other mainstream platforms.

Even his mother, who still writes checks, is able to easily use the app to buy and transfer the cryptos she wants to invest in, he said.

He adds that the company also has an impressive marketing strategy. They advertise on various platforms, including TikTok and sports events. They recently even hired Matt Damon for their new ad campaign.

CRO hit a record high of $0.40 on Friday after its listing on Coinbase.

On the gaming side, he says investors should have their eye on mana, the native currency of a leading metaverse called Decentraland. The sector has recently exploded with attention after Facebook announced it was rebranding itself to Meta.

Mana was last trading around $2.54 as of Thursday according to CoinMarketCap. Many cryptos tied to metaverse projects have recently seen huge pumps due to Facebook’s announcement and may correct, but they remain good long-term holds, he said.

Another pick is, enj, also in the gaming sector. It belongs to Enjin, a platform that backs NFTs and can be used in games.

As of Thursday, it was trading around $2.99, according to CoinMarketCap.

And finally, he’s a huge fan of ether, and often puts his crypto profits into buying more of it. He touted it in mid-September, since then it’s up by about 34%.

These six altcoins give investors exposure to utility-based cryptos in various sectors, including banking, enterprise and supply chain management, a crypto exchange, the metaverse, and gaming.

However, Vasquez reminds investors that the end of the bull run usually means a drop of up to 90% in some of these altcoins. It’s important to have an exit strategy or be invested in strong projects that you’re ready to hold long-term. If you can do both, that’s even better, he adds. Vasquez plans on exiting 50% of his positions during the bull run and leaving the remainder in strong projects.

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