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Bitcoin may be one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market today, but Monero is steadily gaining more users with each day. Part of Monero’s success lies in its ability to send and receive transactions completely anonymously — a feature not found in Bitcoin transactions.

With that in mind, some Bitcoin users have decided to convert Bitcoin to Monero. But where can you do this? A quick trip on your favourite web browser can point you in the right direction. Here are the three best websites for converting Bitcoin to Monero.

  1. HitBTC

The first website you should know if you’re wanting to exchange Bitcoin for Monero is HitBTC. This online exchange is one of the best platforms for converting between the two currencies. Their self-proclaimed ‘most advanced Bitcoin exchange’ in the world offers regularly updated information on Bitcoin and Monero exchange rates. Though the website’s features are suitable for even the most advanced cryptocurrency user, beginners will love their interactive data compilations as well as their online community of helpful Bitcoin and Monero users who exchange live conversations on the website’s built-in ‘TrollBox’. What’s more, transactions on the website are safe and secure, and the site’s robot-friendly API can make conversions in milliseconds. To learn more about HitBTC or to register to begin converting, visit their website at https://hitbtc.com/.


If you’re looking to trade Bitcoin for Monero with no extra fees involved, you’ll love EVONAX. This online exchange offers instant exchanges that carry no extra fees. Exchanges are made directly through the website in a matter of minutes via a secure, fast and easy platform. To exchange, simply go to the EVONAX website at https://www.evonax.com/. On the website’s home screen, you enter the type of cryptocurrency you want to convert from (in our discussion, Bitcoin, or BTC) and the type of cryptocurrency you want to convert to (in this case Monero, or XMR). Next, enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to convert and provide the address of the receiving wallet, and your transaction is instantly processed. EVONAX offers total anonymity and requires no registration to complete a transaction.

  1. Changelly

One of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange markets on the web is Changelly. Opened in 2015, this exchange has gained quite a following, and for good reason: transactions on the website are secure and easy and the user-friendly application literally walks you through the process. Though this site is not entirely anonymous — it does require you to register from the go — it does have many desirable exchange features and will select the best crypto trade at the best exchange rate for you. To learn more about Changelly, visit their website at https://changelly.com/.

Converting Bitcoin to Monero is quick and easy when you use one of these three exchange websites. Don’t forget to get your Monero wallet before exchanging your Bitcoin. If you’re looking for a secure and totally anonymous online wallet, try XMR Wallet. This open sourced, client-side app requires no registration and is always free to use.

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