The Privacy Coin- Monero [XMR] Releases New Features in Update 0.14.1 !!!

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The recent update to the Privacy Coin- Monero has been released!

the Update numbered 0.14.1 Has included major features like pruning,deterministic builds, Trezor support,Tor & i2p support in the CLI.

It also showcases the Monero Messaging System and more!

According to Justin Ehrenhofer-the community organizer, the GUI has been tagged and will be built soon!

The new update will allow users to optionally “prune” about 2/3 of the blockchain data, at the same time contributing to the network!

“The much-awaited Monero 0.14.1 release is now available, including major features like pruning, deterministic builds, Trezor support, Tor & i2p support in the CLI, the Monero Messaging System, and more! The GUI is tagged and will be built soon.”
— Justin Ehrenhofer, Community Organizer 

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