100xCoin to Provide Listing Competition for Altcoins

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Listing Competition For Altcoins: 100xAltbase

ROSEDALE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 26, 2021 / 100xCoin have launched a new proposition for the altcoin market. 100xListing aims to provide further exposure to other crypto coins by driving community engagement via voting systems on their website.

Community driven 100xListing competition – Vote for your favourite coin listing on 100xaltbase

In the current climate, shopping for new altcoins can be an overwhelming experience. At times It often feels like a bombardment of poorly named cryptocurrencies and knock-off replicas.

100xCoin aims to find these hidden gems and feature them on their website via a voting competition.

The prize?

A listing on the newly released 100xAltbase app.

Vote for coin listings on 100xAltbase

100xCoin is soon set to launch listing competitions for other types of community and meme coins. In order to help other projects grow, the competition, deemed 100xListing, will offer exposure and friendly competition for all parties involved.

It’s important to first understand that community coins are driven by, unsurprisingly enough, their communities. This is the most fundamental and basic element in any meme coin project. Community strength allows for these types of coins to break away from the typical ‘pump and dump’ stereotype, and develop into a fully-fledged operation.

The concept is rather simple, a selection of a few community-driven projects will have free marketing and exposure from the 100xCoin team, both on social media and the official 100xCoin domain. A poll will be included on the 100xCoin website, encouraging individuals and communities to vote for their favorite projects. Strong communities will have clear advantages going into the competition.

100xAltbase is the official 100xCoin app and allows for trading and storage of altcoins and meme coins alike. Projects with the most votes will be deemed winners of the competition and will be listed on the 100xAltbase app permanently. This is an exciting opportunity for smaller crypto community projects to get their name out there regardless of the result of the poll.

With the success of 100xCoin and the thousands of downloads 100xAltbase already has, it’s clear to see what kind of impact a listing will do for other cryptocurrency projects.

100xCoin More Than A Meme Coin?

As many veterans will know, time moves rather quickly when it comes to cryptocurrency projects. 100xCoin was only just launched a little over three months ago but the strides taken by the team have felt like years. Since the launch of the beta, it has only taken the team three months for the capability to list other projects on their native app, 100xAltbase.

It is clear to see that the rapid growth and push for 100xCoin to be more than another altcoin has paid off. While most meme coin projects struggle to find an identity in a sea of duplicates, 100xCoin is pioneering what modern-day cryptocurrency projects ought to be.

The 100xCoin team has been hard at work since day one. Creating multiple use cases for the already flourishing project. The recent release of 100xAltbase has seen great feedback from the community due to the app’s ease of use for buying new meme coins and is just one of the many different services that 100xCoin provides.

100xCoin has taken little notice of the current downswing of the market. The project continues to move forward, developing new exciting use cases that will be adopted by more and more users in the upcoming months.

The game plan has never changed. As an altcoin, 100xCoin aims to reach the masses and bring unheard-of sustainability to their project. 100xListing is the next exciting development from the 100xCoin team and is only just a small piece of bigger things to come.

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Website: https://www.100xcoin.io/

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